Waiting Lists

We have two ways of going on waiting lists for future puppies.

The first method is a non-refundable $300.00 deposit which is for serious families.  The families on this list are held in order of recieved deposit and will select in order.  If someone on this list chooses to pass on a litter they will either stay in order or move up depending on those selecting higher on the list, but will not fall to a lower selection number. 

The second method is a first come first serve list without a deposit and will not be able to select until all first method families have chosen to select or pass. 

We are very loyal to families which have previously purchased a puppy from Kortun Kennels.  We hold the right to have previous families go to the top of the selection list if given notice a month prior to any upcoming litter.  We are up front regarding this loyalty.


All puppies are sold on a non-breeding agreement with Kortun Kennels and the Canadian Kennel Club. We will forward a Welcome letter and both non-breeding contracts to all families interested in purchasing a puppy from Kortun Kennels if you contact us through the Contact Us page.